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Green Farm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who may operate Ahava Ranch Riding Trail? Adults and children. Children ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult!

Can I ride without a permit? 

No! $150 - 1st offense, thereafter- $300

Can I ride on areas outside of the designated trails? No! $250 -1st offense, dismissal thereafter.

Altering trails to create hazards : $500 -1st offense, $1000 thereafter & a permanent revocation of access.

Where will the permit requirement be enforced? Permits are required for all off road trails.

Can I drive other vehicles on the trails? Bikes, Dirt bikes, ATVs, & UTVs (side by sides) up to 2000 lbs are allowed. Anything that is over 2,000 lbs is not.

Am I buying a permit for myself or my machine? Permits will be issued per machine, not per person. Each permit will include a decal that must be attached in a visible location on the front left side.

Can I smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or bring weapons? No! It is strictly prohibited! You will be asked to leave our property. Law Enforcement will be called if problems arise.


If you abuse it, you may lose it! Careless operation of Ahava Ranch trails can cause damage and may result in closing areas to riders. Respect the environment, businesses, staff, and other riders. By using common sense and common courtesy, what is available today will be here to enjoy tomorrow!

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